Do you want to optimize your project management in NetSuite?

  • Work with clear processes from start to completed project
  • Get a better overview on your project’s budget and profitability
  • Get a complete view over activities related to your project
  • Automate reporting concerning projects, both internally and to your customers

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What is Project Accelerate for NetSuite

SuiteCorner has developed several tools, project roles and solutions which takes project management in NetSuite to the next level. The complete set of tools and solutions are packaged into Project Accelerate. Everything is based on NetSuite’s standard module, SuiteProjects, which even in its standard functionality offers a wide variety of solutions to a sophisticated project management. With SuiteCorner’s Project Accelerate for NetSuite, you will widen your possibilities and system support, in an optimized and user-friendly manner.

NetSuite, SuiteProjects and Project Accelerate suits all businesses and organizations, small as large, who offers services in a project-oriented way.

Simply put – Best of breed!

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Project overview

Users should not have to search for their project information. With the add-on Boards for NetSuite which is included in Project Accelerate, the users get access to their project information instantly on their home dashboard on a Kanban-card table. Through drag-and-drop within the table the project activities are progressed and status can be set  automatically through the drop-action. The user can write comments and change fields directly on the table. Reporting time on a specific card is of course also possible. Furthermore, improved visibility yields you fewer clicks and more valuable time to spend on project activities!

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Project Reporting

Project Accelerate includes several different project reports which are developed with the add-on Reporter for NetSuite which also comes with the solution.

Project Report – Detailed report concerning a specific project. With different filters you can set the detail level in the report. Include as an example GANNT directly in the report.

Customer Projects – A summarized report on all ongoing projects with a specific customer. This report is great to send out to the customer to give the customer an increased overview of the project. The report will illustrate the project status down to specific details if required. Here you control with the filters what should be included in the report.

Total Project Overview – Gives a unique overview on how the projects are going with the respective project manager. The report gives a view both on past and upcoming events. Every project that is shown can also be grouped per customer.

The reports can be ordered in NetSuite from the customer- or project-page and can also be published directly on the user’s dashboard. Reports can also be scheduled to be sent out both internally or externally on any given interval.

There are also sales- and financial reports available.

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Project Budget

It has never been so simple as it is now with Project Accelerate to handle the projects budget (WBS) in NetSuite. With a simple click of the button, all budget rows are created automatically based on the projects scheduled project activities. The budget rows can also be grouped on Activity codes.

The result in Baseline budget or EAC budget is visualized in the project reports which are included in Project Accelerate.

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Project Billing

No matter if you use billing-based projects, projects with milestones or charge-based billing, the standard system has strong functionality to offer. Project Accelerate enables you to attach time reports, project journals or other relevant project information to the invoice automatically.

A clear project billing process with the right attachment creates the prerequisite to a good relationship with your customers!

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Integration with Office 365

Through cooperation with SuperSync, we can now offer the possibility to synchronize e-mail between Outlook and NetSuite as well as synchronize (both ways) project meetings in NetSuite and meetings in Outlook. Project participants can then see in their Outlook-calendar instantly which project activities they should work with. Sales representatives in project-oriented organizations also have great benefit from these synchronization possibilities.

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Next step

Contact a sales representative at SuiteCorner or book a demo so we can tell you more on license- and installation costs.

Concerning implementation, the first step is that either we or you on your own install Project Accelerate in your NetSuite environment. Together we then conduct a short and intense project where SuiteCorner or your local partner makes sure that the installation meets your organizations specific project needs.

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Project Accelerate for NetSuite

Contact SuiteCorner and we will let you know more of all the possibilities with Project Management in NetSuite.