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Project Accelerate for NetSuite – Reports

Here is a new post in the series of posts about Project Management in NetSuite.

This post focuses on project reports and how important they are for users to really get full insight into how the projects are progressing. The tool that we use to produce the reports is called Reporter for NetSuite and this tool is also part of the vertical Project Accelerate for NetSuite from SuiteCorner. With the Reporter for NetSuite tool, you can build amazing reports on all areas of your NetSuite system.

The report we will discuss in this post is called Project Scorecard, but the solutions from SuiteCorner include several very useful reports around projects. An example of another interesting report is Total Project Overview, which provides a very good overview per project manager. Or the Customer Projects report that summarizes and lists all sub-projects on a customer. At the bottom of this post you will find links to pages that describe Reporter for NetSuite in more detail.

Several ways to run the reports

Run the report directly on your dashboard:

All reports from Reporter for NetSuite can be displayed directly in your dashboard. With filters, you can select projects or other relevant filters that control what is presented in the content of the report.

The filter section in the dashboard


Run the report directly on the Project Dashboard:

If you choose to run the report in the Project Dashboard, the report will automatically run against the specific project shown in the Project Dashboard.

Run the report from the Project record:

A click on the project will bring up the order form. Here you can also choose to preview or email the report.

Project Scorecard – data in the report

In the background, several different searches are run that pick up relevant data about the project. For example, searches against the project table, time registrations, expense reports and other transactions such as customer invoices and supplier invoices. The report merges all the data from the searches and presents the information in a very well thought-out layout.

Project Scorecard – Contents

Header and footer

Of course, you can change the information and images in the header and footer to show your company’s logo, for example.

Project overview

At the top of the report, general information about the project is presented.

KPIs and hours per month

A number of selected KPIs are presented and a graph of how hours are registered per month.


If you use the project’s budget functions (WBS), the budget information can be presented. Here we also show the actual outcome. Income, costs and results both with numerical values and in bar charts.

List of transactions

All transactions of the project are listed in the report.
NOTE! Transactions displayed can be clickable. I.e. drill down directly to the transaction!

All project tasks / milestones

This section presents all project tasks and the status of each task.


The project report also includes a Gantt view. Very useful to get a quick overview of all sub-activities.

Summing up

All the information presented in the report can of course be found in many places in NetSuite. What is unique is that we collect all important information about the project and present it in ONE report. A PDF that can also be printed or scheduled and emailed to external users if desired. The Project Scorecard report gives users a complete picture of the project in one place. The Reporter for NetSuite tool also allows you to modify the report if you wish to include other information than what we have selected in this standard template. The Project Scorecard report is included in the Reporter for NetSuite tool and the tool is included in the Project Accelerate for NetSuite package from SuiteCorner.

If you have requests for other advanced reports in NetSuite and wish you could run them directly in NetSuite instead of exporting data to Excel or BI solutions, you can contact SuiteCorner and we will help you with Reporter for NetSuite.

Here you can see this entire example report

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