NetSuite - The #1 Cloud Business Management Suite

Oracle NetSuite is a unified business management suite, encompassing ready-to-run modules in most areas, such as CRM, Order, Inventory Management, Billing, Consolidated Accounts, Purchase, Accounts Payable and Receivable, Customer Service and Support, Ecommerce, and much more.
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Target Groups

NetSuite suites customers in a variety of industries regardless of size. For example, NetSuite is the most popular system worldwide for startup companies. About 30,000 companies, organizations and enterprises have chosen NetSuite as their business system. The number would be counted in hundreds of thousands if all subsidiaries were included.

We find customers in all parts of the world due to the fact that the standard system is available in over 20 languages (including Swedish). NetSuite has been available in Sweden since 2006 when our team introduced NetSuite to the Swedish market.

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Oracle and NetSuite were pioneers in true cloud services with CRM and ERP. NetSuite has been available for over 20 years. 20 years of experience gives a big advantage compared to competing systems with solutions available in the cloud not until recent years. Upgrades, which are part of the cloud service, come twice a year, which means that NetSuite is always updated and contains the latest web technology. The security of the solutions Oracle guarantees is state of the art.

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Integrations & the platform

NetSuite’s integration possibilities are unlimited. SuiteCorner’s integration experts have implemented hundreds of types of integration solutions in a variety of systems through the years. Systems that need to communicate with NetSuite.

NetSuite does not only include a plethora of standard modules, but also a powerful system to configure the solution according to your own system requirements. “Customization” is no longer a word you avoid in business systems. All adaptations and configurations just continue to work even after system upgrades.

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