NetSuite - The world's leading business system in the cloud

NetSuite is the world-leading ERP from Oracle and has been available as a cloud service for over 20 years. NetSuite is currently used by over 40,000 companies, groups, and organizations. SuiteCorner has been a part of this journey since 2006, and you can be confident that we can help you with everything you need in NetSuite, from startup to further development and customization.

Why NetSuite?

NetSuite is designed to cover everything you need from a modern business system, whether you are a startup or a multilingual conglomerate spread across several continents. The business system comes with a host of ready-to-run modules in areas such as CRM, order management, inventory, billing, finance, group accounting, procurement, accounts payable, projects, support, e-commerce, and much more.

The technology behind NetSuite

Oracle, one of the world’s largest players in data management, has been behind NetSuite for over 20 years, unlike several competitors who have only moved to the cloud in recent years. Since NetSuite is a cloud service, you avoid all local installations and technical maintenance. Upgrades, which are included in the cloud service, occur twice a year, ensuring that NetSuite is always updated and contains the latest technology. In short, if you have internet and a web browser, you have full access to all of NetSuite’s features from anywhere, remotely or in the office. Of course, the security of the solutions offered by Oracle is “state of the art” and cutting-edge. NetSuite and Oracle simply do not compromise on such things.

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Growing with NetSuite

When choosing NetSuite, you are not limited to the standard modules that NetSuite provides. All system modules share the same technical platform, which is also open for developing custom functionality such as customer-specific integrations, making NetSuite incredibly open to integrations in your specific environment. When it comes to integration possibilities, they are virtually unlimited in NetSuite. At SuiteCorner, for example, we have helped develop hundreds of different types of integrations over the years, giving us vast experience with various types of pre- or post-systems that NetSuite may need to communicate with.

SuiteCorner – Your NetSuite Partner

We at SuiteCorner were part of the initial introduction of NetSuite to the Swedish market in 2006 and have been an official NetSuite Solution Provider for many years. During this time, we have worked with many different customers on everything from getting started to complex integrations and customizations to internal business models and workflows. With knowledge from all this, we have, as mentioned, built industry-specific solutions optimized for, for example, event management, membership management, CRM, project managements, report management, process visualization, and much more. If you need help integrating NetSuite into your environment, together with your specific systems, we feel confident that with +18 years of experience in integrations and solutions in NetSuite, we will find a good solution together with you.

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NetSuite add-ons and Industry Solutions

Looking at some of the prepared solutions we have developed over the years, we see that we cover many of the needs companies normally have beyond the standard functionality in NetSuite. We have several add-ons and industry solutions in place, from powerful support in the sales process and customer management to project management and support management. In addition, we have specialized solutions for things like event management, membership management, and NetSuite CRM. Naturally, with seamless integration with native functions like billing, reports, and other tools in NetSuite.
Below you can read more about some of our various solutions developed in NetSuite.

 Add-ons and Industry Solutions in NetSuite

Want to know more about NetSuite and SuiteCorner?

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