SuiteCorner Add-Ons

In addition to our traditional apps and industry solutions SuiteCorner offers a range of add-on applications for Netsuite. These solutions often require a small project for configuring the solution to ensure optimal customer value. Below you will find some examples of successful customer implementations of a our add-on applications. Are you in need of a similar solution? Book a meeting with SuiteCorner!

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Revenue Recognition for NetSuite by SuiteCorner

SuiteCorner Revenue Recognition

Do you have the need to accrue income, but you don’t need all the functionality of the Advanced Revenue Management module from Netsuite? SuiteCorner has developed a module for accrual accounting that meets the basic requirements of most customers, while at the same time keeping it simple and less costly for you as a customer. Book a meeting with SuiteCorner and let us tell you more!

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Billing Engine for NetSuite by SuiteCorner

SuiteCorner Billing Engine

Many NetSuite customers handles subscriptions, memberships, applications and other business requirements that can be demanding when it comes to creation of different transactions and volumes.

With Billing Engine you can automate any type of creation of Invoices or other transactions. With saved searches and other criteria you can configure your own business rules and then let the system do the heavy job to create your transactions.

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Budgets for NetSuite by SuiteCorner

SuiteCorner Budgets

Would like to be able to create budgets on other parameters than account or dimensions? With SuiteCorner Budgets Add-On you can create budget on almost anything inside your NetSuite account. Examples: Number of phone calls, meetings or closed deals for sales reps. Number of closed support cases etc. If you use our app Reporter for NetSuite it’s easy to compare actuals against your budgets.

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21 grams connects for NetSuite by SuiteCorner

21 grams Connects

SuiteCorner has developed a complete PEPPOL-solution for distribution of customer transactions like Invoices or ProForma Invoices.

Together with 21 grams (one of the biggest distributors of transactions on the Scandinavian market) you can send your transactions as E-Invoices, E-mail or with traditional Post in a fully automated flow. You create the transactions in your NetSuite account and on the Customer record you mark how the transactions should be sent out. Then the system will send the transactions to your customers in the way you want.

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