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Speed up your processes

  • Organizes processes in an optimal manner
  • Simplify the work and get more done in less time
  • Overview creates control
  • Motivates users with esthetically appealing dashboards

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Handling Leads

With a clear process for your leads, you increase your chance of creating more business opportunities. The sales representatives who conduct sales activities in a structured manner will also create a larger pipeline and later more closed transactions.

Plan your activities and let Boards remind you on the next step.

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Close more deals

A well-filled pipeline is a prerequisite if you want to close more deals. To handle the pipeline in a proper manner will increase the sales representative’s chances even further. To have full control on where you are in the process, and when to take the next step, will help closing even more customers.

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Board kpis

Key performance indicators

Clear KPIs connected to the relevant Board will help you analyze and understand your processes better. You will now have a total overview on the most relevant KPI’s connected to the specific business process.

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Interactive menus

To be able to with just one click be able to create meetings, phone calls, opportunities, sales orders, sending an email or create any other post relevant to the card you are working with is intuitive for the user and saves time. With interactive menus which are customized depending on the status, Boards gives the user more possibilities for an efficient work.

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Ready-to-go or customized processes

To be able to get up and running quickly and receive the most value out of Boards, there are several preconfigured and ready-to-go Kanban-like boards within the areas of sales, marketing, support and projects. But we understand that every organization has its own unique needs, so of course you can create your own Boards, no matter the processes or records which are relevant.

event management netsuite


  • Lead Board
  • Pipeline Board
  • Marketing Board
  • Task Board
  • Phone Call Board
  • Support Board


  • Project Task Board
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  • For all record types
  • Easy configuration
  • Based on saved searches
“Boards for NetSuite has given us a better overview over our sales process and helps us to close more deals”

Roger Lindstrand, Regional Sales Manager. Sigicom Nordic

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With Boards, you can take your processes to the next level. Give your users the opportunity to work structured and increase efficiency.
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