Total overview of your projects in NetSuite

  • All-in-one project report, automatically generated for an instant overview
  • Eliminate the time you spend on reporting every month
  • Manage and plan your projects with better information
  • Send your reports automatically to external stakeholders

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All-in-one reports

Get an instant overview of all the projects within the business. Compare time reported against time budgeted. Include key performance indicators, project activities, resources etc., in one single report.

For example, use Reporter for NetSuite to get an oversight on all ongoing projects with a specific customers. Order the report directly on the customer record in NetSuite.

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Eliminate time spent on reporting

A project manager spends atleast 8-16 hours per month to compile and create reports to share with management and project groups. With Reporter everything is automated which gives you time to do other things.

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Lead and plan

Complete analysis of projects and the status of them. Compare budgeted time against time reported. Get an overview on all activities and monitor the profitability of the project. Reporter gives you the information you need to be able to lead and plan work in a time efficient manner.

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Easy access no matter where you are

Reach your PDF-reports with ease in your inbox, smartphone or directly on your NetSuite dashboard. Send the report automatically to anyone within or outside the organization.

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SuiteCorners apps are colorful and easy-to-use. They make using SolarSuccess attractive to use for people who don't think of themselves as computer savvy which enlists the whole company in communicating effectively on the same platform. The operational efficiency gains of a harmonized, Single Source of Truth, is finally bringing down those intransient Soft Costs!

Jan Rippingale, CEO Blu Banyan (micro vertical of the year 2021) NetSuite Solution Provider

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With Reporter for NetSuite you can take your project management to the next level.
With the possibilities that Reporter provides, it is only your fantasy that sets the limit.
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