Staffing & Contractor Management for Oracle NetSuite

Take control and optimise your billable resources with Oracle NetSuite and the Staffing & Contractor Management module from SuiteCorner. Our solution takes contractor management to the next level.

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Effective Contractor Management

Contractor management and efficient recruitment services are at the heart of your company’s operations. To optimise and simplify these critical processes, more businesses now use Oracle NetSuite, the worlds’ leading ERP provider according to Gartner. SuiteCorner’s Staffing & Contractor Management module introduces a customised NetSuite experience, specific to the needs of your industry, to deliver a powerful contractor management solution for you and your clients.

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Streamlining your work with Staffing & Contractor Management for Oracle NetSuite

In a world where flexibility, efficiency and accuracy are key to providing the right resource for the right job, it’s crucial to make sure everything is connected in an efficient and clear way. Especially when it comes to businesses engaged in staffing and recruitment services. Contractor management typically involves many employees and candidates, with many contracts and clients. Having direct access to who is placed where, under which contracts and for how long, is essential for accuracy and efficiency. With deep insights on the setup of your projects and assignments, SuiteCorner’s Staffing & Contractor Management module provides a best-in-class experience for your colleagues, clients and candidates.

Oracle NetSuite: A solid foundation for HR Management

NetSuite’s world leading ERP solution comes with a best-in-class financial accounting package at its core. By consolidating your group accounting, CRM, project management, HR and contractor management solutions into one powerful system, you achieve an unparalleled single view of everything that matters. We refer to this as “one version of the truth”. Oracle NetSuite helps you build and nurture relationships with your customers, and it’s fully customisable to handle specialised tasks such as recruitment and contractor services.

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SuiteCorner: A tailor-made solution for Recruitment Agencies and Contractor management

Optimise and enhance your business processes with SuiteCorner’s Staffing & Contractor Management module for Oracle NetSuite. Get a better overview of your resources, find suitable candidates for different projects faster, and ensure that all of your processes are managed in an optimal way.

To fully leverage NetSuite’s capabilities for contractor management, we’ve developed a dedicated module to expedite your onboarding process. This solution comprehensively addresses all aspects of contractor management, ensuring you can efficiently manage various facets of your staffing operations.

Our NetSuite module encompasses a wide range of functionalities, spanning the management of candidate processes, employees, customers, contracts, and consultants. It also offers connectivity to web publishing if required, along with features for budgeting, follow-up, time reporting, invoicing, and integration capabilities with Office 365 or Gmail. Additionally, our solution provides a diverse array of reports. With these comprehensive features, your staffing workflows become faster, clearer, and more efficient than ever before.

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Advantages of Staffing & Contractor Management in NetSuite

  • Work in clearly defined processes throughout your project assignments
  • Achieve greater control of contract profitability
  • Streamline administrative tasks during the hiring process
  • Take advantage of our powerful inclusive CRM solution
  • Automate reporting to your stakeholders
  • Time and expense reporting for your placements online or via mobile
  • Invoicing supported by self-billing capabilities
  • A group accounting solution with support for projects, compliance and automation
  • NetSuite supports different users operating in different languages
  • Oracle NetSuite, a class-leading true cloud ERP system
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Key features of the Staffing & Contractor Management module

The Staffing & Contractor Management module includes several key features that are essential for business operations to run seamlessly:

  • Recruitment processes:

    Automate the recruitment processes with several powerful solutions

  • Contract processes:

    Automate processes for easy management of your customer and employment contracts

  • Digital signing:

    Paperless management of digitally signed contracts directly linked to the customer and assignment

  • Employee database:

    A detailed employee database containing all of the necessary information about your employees and contractors

  • Customer management:

    Manage and track all information about your customers and their staffing needs in one place

  • Assignments:

    Effective tracking and management of customer assignments, resource utilisation and more. Continuous follow-up of assignments and projects from multiple perspectives, for both internal and external follow-up

  • Time reporting:

    Time and expense reporting through modern, user-friendly interfaces via the web or mobile app. Approvals can be handled internally or you can grant access for the customer to approve any charges before invoicing

  • Invoicing:

    Effective management of the invoicing process. Our inclusive Invoice Workbench really helps you ensure accurate customer invoicing for contractors. This includes essential reports and documents, and support for subcontractor self-invoicing

  • Reports:

    Generate different types of reports, from high-level to customer-specific recurring reports, including financial analysis, workload reports and efficiency analysis, to make informed decisions and optimise your business

  • Mail integration:

    Our solution is able to integrate with Office 365 and Gmail to synchronize emails and meetings between the systems, providing a holistic view of all customer communication, even if you have several employees working with the same customer

  • Intelligent and powerful processes:

    Thanks to intelligent and powerful processes in all parts of the solution, administration can be simplified and streamlined


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When Oracle NetSuite is combined with SuiteCorner’s Staffing & Contractor Management module, your solution implementation can be completed in a very short time. Through working together with you, we configure and install the solution matched to your specific requirements, to deliver on your business needs. We know that when comparing NetSuite with alternative ERP systems on the market today, we complete implementation projects up to 5 times faster than our competitors. SuiteCorner has focused on nothing but NetSuite for almost 20 years, and we know that NetSuite can be implemented very quickly. Our implementation methodology is known as Project Accelerate!

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Product Demonstration

A Demo of NetSuite with our Staffing & Contractor Management module can be arranged free of charge here at SuiteCorner. We would be delighted to arrange a meeting to guide you through the various scenarios. Our solution is suitable for both small and large organisations. With customers ranging between 5 and 500 users or more, we can demonstrate how to make NetSuite work for you!

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