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Our team established NetSuite ERP on the Swedish market 2006!

netsuite solution provider

NetSuite Solution Provider

Netsuite by Oracle is considered one of the best true cloud ERP-solutions for all types of businesses and organizations. SuiteCorner, as a Netsuite Solution Provider, can help you as our client in choosing the relevant modules and work for a beneficial pricing for you as a customer.

Let us tell you more about “true cloud” and the world-leading software-as-a-service Netsuite by Oracle.

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Industry solutions

With strong industry specific solutions, the chance of the implementation being a successful one greatly increases. CRM, Membership-organizations, Media and Booking-systems are examples of areas where we have successfully created solutions to further strengthen your Netsuite environment.

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Development Center

We have been working with expanding the functions of Netsuite since 2006 and we dare to say that we have some of the best developers in the Netsuite world. We are committed to create an optimal solution no matter the area.

Javascript, .Net, AWS and Azure are some of the platforms we use when creating our solutions.

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Your partner - all the way!

SuiteCorner can help you the entire way. From analysis, design, development to implementation. That we are still your partner after go-live is given.

Rikard Burman Holmgren, CEO, SuiteCorner
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