Event Management in NetSuite - Discover the benefits of using Event Success

When you choose SuiteCorner’s Event Success for your event management, you get a package including:

  • Smooth budgeting and project management
  • Seamless management of sponsors, accommodations, and communication with participants
  • Automatically generated product sheets
  • Dynamic event pages
  • Effortless check-in with printing of name tags
  • All financial management in the same system

Event Management in Event Success – A comprehensive solution!

Instead of sending information between multiple systems, everything is in one system for your event management, from managing the event to invoicing, participant communication, discount management, speaker presentations, web presentations, and much more. Whether the event format is digital, onsite, or hybrid, Event Success handles everything related to event management, from the idea stage to final financial follow-up. With an event management solution in NetSuite, you also get the market’s best ERP and CRM solution in the cloud.

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Budgeting and follow-up – An essential part of Event Management

With your event management in Event Success for NetSuite, you finally have full control over the budget for each event. Calculate the profitability of the event in advance based on different participant scenarios. Track the event’s profitability in real-time based on actual revenues and costs. Generate clear reports for follow-up and improvements for the next event planning, all integrated with the financial functions in NetSuite.

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Project-based Event Management – Organization and order

The key to good event management lies in planning and organization. Creating a successful event is, as we all know, a project with many puzzle pieces that need to be in the right place at the right time. With Event Success for NetSuite, you finally get a powerful and easy-to-use project tool for event management. Common activities in event management include developing programs, booking speakers, booking venues, ordering food, audio and visual equipment, offering accommodations, finding exhibitors and partners, event staffing, cleaning, marketing, paying vendors, invoicing customers, etc. The list of what needs to be done before, during, and after the event can be long, which is why robust project support is almost a necessity to succeed in delivering a successful event. To manage all this, event management in Event Success for NetSuite comes with pre-configured project templates with the activities typical for a certain type of event. Choose a template and auto-generate the activities that need to be done to get started quickly and efficiently. Of course, the templates can be customized specifically to your needs and workflows.

Resources, venues, and schedules in Event Management?

In addition to everything you manage internally in event management, there are a lot of external things that need to happen. Programs for the event need to be set, speakers and other resources need to be contacted and booked along with all the material they need at the event, venue booking needs to be synchronized, and possibly accommodations for participants need to be found and pre-booked. Schedules need to be created and made available to participants and speakers, among others. With event management in Event Success for NetSuite, you get support to manage all of this. Manage venues and resources, from the initial contact to collecting presentations and images for invoicing and ultimately paying incoming supplier invoices.

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Event website included

Integrating your web-based event management with presentation, searchability, booking functions etcetera, can be extensive work. When you put your event management in Event Success, you also get a pre-configured web portal that presents all events in an attractive and sales-oriented manner. Booking for events is, of course, managed via the portal, and the information is updated in real-time to Event Success in NetSuite. The web portal is fully integrated with NetSuite, and the content is dynamically generated based on the information your team has uploaded about the events in NetSuite. The page can be easily styled according to your company’s branding. If there is a need for additional functionality or similar, the portal can be extended according to your requirements. The web portal becomes a natural part of event management and is available for all types of events from Event Success in Netsuite, regardless of whether the event is customized for the company or if it is an open event that anyone can sign up for.

Example event website

Communication – An essential part of Event Management

When you use Event Success for your event management, your employees get the support needed to maintain a professional dialogue with your participants. Event Success ensures that confirmations, tickets, and programs are sent to the right recipients, exactly as you have configured the event. This ensures that all communication with participants before, during, and after the event follows a common thread and makes participants feel seen and taken care of. After the event, Event Success handles follow-up with all participants so that you can continuously improve. Event Success simply lets you focus on delivering the best events and having the most satisfied customers in the market.

Quick and smooth digital check-in at your event

With Event Success, you have access to Event Registration for NetSuite. With the camera on your mobile or tablet, you can easily scan tickets, and participants are registered upon arrival directly in the event in NetSuite and receive their name tags printed. This makes it easy for you to keep track of who has arrived and also gives the event a professional touch. Additionally, on the name tag printed during registration, you have the opportunity to print whatever you want. This opens up the possibility to offer your partners visibility on the name tag as part of a sponsorship package.

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Seamless world-class financial management with Event Success

With Event Success in NetSuite for your event management, you have seamless integration with all of NetSuite’s financial functions, from invoicing according to customer preferences, sending purchase orders, arrival registration, and payment of supplier invoices with approval support. Since everything is in the same system and all costs and revenues are linked to the events, you have complete budget tracking in your event management, and you can directly see how profitable your events have been in the income statement and balance sheet. With finance as an integrated part of event management, you save both time and money and gain full control over all routines directly in NetSuite.

CRM Included – Manage the entire customer journey for all customers

SuiteCorner’s CRM Accelerate for NetSuite is one of the market’s most powerful and user-friendly CRM systems today. It is included as part of Event Success and provides salespeople with all the support they need, and more, when they pursue new business. Whether it’s finding new event participants, sponsors, exhibitors, or processing old customers, salespeople have support in all these processes.

With all data collected in CRM Accelerate for NetSuite, it’s easy to filter out different target groups for upcoming events. The marketing department can easily target campaigns and e-marketing to these target groups and help salespeople process leads, prospects, customers, and past participants in marketing.

Since it’s incredibly important to take care of your customers even during and after an event, CRM Accelerate of course also has a support module that makes it easy for you to keep track of and handle incoming cases. With event management in Event Success and CRM Accelerate for NetSuite, you can truly take care of your customers throughout their lifecycle.

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Want to learn more about Event Management in NetSuite and Event Success?

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Why Event Management with Event Success?

The answer is simple, if you have your event management in Event Success for NetSuite, thanks to SuiteCorner’s solution, you have taken a holistic approach to your event management and give those working with events and conferences an opportunity to manage all of the company’s processes in one system without compromises.
So the question should rather be: Why not event management with Event Success for NetSuite?

Event Management

Event Success supports all processes

  • Handle all ideas
  • Budgeting
  • Project management
  • Resource planning
  • Scheduling
  • Event pages
  • Communication
  • Check-in
  • Financial management
  • Follow-up
  • CRM

Project Management

A project tool that gives you total overview and control

  • Project templates for all types of events
  • Automatically generated activities
  • Activity tracking
  • Resource planning
  • Time tracking
  • Invoice forwarding
  • Reporting
  • Retrospective for learning and improvement

Event website

Dynamically generated event website with content from NetSuite

  • Presentation of the event
  • Presentation of speakers
  • Schedule
  • Prices and campaign discounts
  • Recommended accommodations
  • Sponsors
  • Checkout

Check-in at the event

Arrival registration gives the event a more professional feel

  • Scan tickets with phone or tablet
  • Automatic arrival registration
  • Printing of name tags
  • The layout on the tag is optional and can be part of a sponsorship package where the sponsor gets their logo printed


With fully integrated finance, you can become more efficient and grow

  • Customer ledger
  • Automated notification and invoicing via E-invoice, email, and postal mail
  • Joint invoicing with flexibility
  • Supplier ledger
  • Scan and arrival registration
  • Follow-up and reporting
  • Support for Group Management
  • And much more

CRM in NetSuite

Get full control over customers and your sales status

  • Prospecting
  • Lead management
  • Customer management
  • Participants
  • Manage sponsors and partners
  • Sales pipeline
  • Activity management
  • Marketing
  • Sales budgets
  • Support

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