SuiteProjects + Project Accelerate vs OpenAir

NetSuite SuiteProjects vs OpenAir
NetSuite SuiteProjects + Projects Accelerate for NetSuite vs OpenAir

As a NetSuite Solution Provider specializing in Project Management and the SuiteProjects module, we often get asked if OpenAir is a viable alternative. Therefore, we decided to conduct a more in-depth investigation on this question. How does the standard NetSuite SuiteProjects module compare to OpenAir, and which areas are enhanced by our Project Accelerate for NetSuite package? If you are considering implementing a project management solution, this article will be of great interest!


Why does Oracle have both SuiteProjects and OpenAir since the products compete with each other?


Oracle has both NetSuite SuiteProjects and NetSuite OpenAir to cover a broader range of customer needs and use cases in project and service management. Even though the products might seem to compete with each other, their existence is justified by several strategic and practical reasons:

Diversification of Customer Base

  • Different Target Audiences: SuiteProjects is integrated with NetSuite ERP and primarily targets companies using or planning to use NetSuite’s broader ERP solution. OpenAir, on the other hand, is a standalone PSA solution that can integrate with various ERP systems, making it attractive to companies using other ERP solutions besides NetSuite.
  • Broader Market Presence: By having both products, Oracle can address the needs of a wider customer base, including both medium-sized and large enterprises across different industries with varying technology needs.

Functional Differences and Specialization

  • Integration and Functionality: SuiteProjects offers deep integration with NetSuite’s ERP system (it’s in the same system), providing benefits for companies looking for a unified solution for their entire business. OpenAir offers flexibility and specialized features for professional services firms, with strong integration capabilities with various systems.
  • Industry-Specific Features: OpenAir is designed to meet the specific needs of professional services firms with advanced features for project management, billing, and resource allocation, which might be excessive for companies primarily seeking an ERP-integrated solution.

Strategic Flexibility

  • Customer Choice: By offering both products, Oracle can cater to companies satisfied with their current ERP solutions but still wanting a powerful PSA solution. This gives companies the flexibility to choose the solution that best fits their existing systems and business processes.
  • Risk Diversification: Having two separate solutions allows Oracle to minimize the risk of losing market share to competitors offering either ERP-integrated or standalone PSA solutions.

Innovation and Development

  • Product Development: Two separate solutions allow Oracle to experiment and innovate within different product areas. Improvements and innovations developed within one product can often be transferred or adapted to the other, strengthening both products over time.

Market Demand and Historical Development

  • Historical Acquisitions: OpenAir was an independent product before being acquired by NetSuite (before NetSuite was in turn acquired by Oracle). This historical context means that OpenAir already had an established customer base and market presence that was valuable to retain.
  • Differentiated Strategies: SuiteProjects and OpenAir have evolved in parallel with different strategies to meet shifting market demands and technological trends.

By having both NetSuite SuiteProjects and NetSuite OpenAir in its portfolio, Oracle can provide flexible, customizable solutions for a broader clientele, strengthening their market position and increasing their ability to meet diverse customer needs.

Using NetSuite SuiteProjects in combination with Project Accelerate for NetSuite by SuiteCorner can offer a comprehensive solution for project management and professional services automation (PSA), but there are differences in functionality and specialization when compared to NetSuite OpenAir. (Project Accelerate for NetSuite by SuiteCorner is a collection of features and solutions installed on top of the standard system’s SuiteProjects module. Everything is 100% within NetSuite, which means there are no separate solutions running outside of NetSuite.)

Here’s a detailed comparison to help understand whether this combination can achieve similar functionality:

NetSuite SuiteProjects + Project Accelerate


  • ERP Integration: Seamlessly integrates with other NetSuite ERP modules, providing a unified platform for managing finances, CRM, and e-commerce alongside project management.
  • Project Management: Offers tools for project planning, tracking, and execution, including time and expense tracking, resource management, and financial management.
  • Resource Management: Helps optimize resource allocation, track utilization, and manage project budgets.
  • Financial Integration: Deep integration with financial modules for billing, invoicing, and revenue recognition.

Project Accelerate for NetSuite by SuiteCorner

  • Enhanced Project Controls: Adds advanced project management features, such as improved project planning (kanban), budgeting, forecasting, and reporting.
  • Automation and Efficiency: Introduces automation tools to streamline project workflows and improve operational efficiency.
  • Customization: Provides additional customization options tailored to specific business needs, allowing for more flexible and dynamic project management.

NetSuite OpenAir

  • Specialized PSA Solution: Designed specifically for professional services organizations, offering specialized features for project and resource management, billing, and time tracking.
  • Advanced Project Management: Comprehensive tools for project planning, execution, and tracking, including sophisticated resource management, time and expense tracking, and project accounting.
  • Resource Management: Advanced capabilities for managing resource allocations, forecasting, and optimizing utilization.
  • Billing and Revenue Recognition: Robust billing features that support complex billing scenarios, such as milestone-based, time and materials, and fixed-price projects, along with advanced revenue recognition.
  • Integrations: While it can integrate with NetSuite ERP, OpenAir also supports integration with other ERP systems, providing flexibility for organizations using different financial systems.

Comparing Functionality

Project Management:

  • SuiteProjects + Project Accelerate: Offers strong project management capabilities integrated with NetSuite ERP. Project Accelerate enhances these capabilities with advanced planning and reporting features.
  • OpenAir: Provides more specialized and advanced project management features out of the box, tailored for professional services firms.

Resource Management:

  • SuiteProjects + Project Accelerate: Capable of managing resources and optimizing their allocation within the NetSuite ecosystem. Project Accelerate adds more robust resource planning and forecasting tools.
  • OpenAir: Superior resource management features designed for optimizing resource utilization and forecasting within professional services environments.

Billing and Revenue Recognition:

  • SuiteProjects + Project Accelerate: Integrated billing and financial management within NetSuite ERP, with Project Accelerate enhancing these processes.
  • OpenAir: Offers advanced billing capabilities and supports complex billing scenarios, with robust revenue recognition features tailored for project-based billing.

Customization and Flexibility:

  • SuiteProjects + Project Accelerate: High level of customization within the NetSuite platform, enhanced by Project Accelerate’s additional features.
  • OpenAir: Designed for flexibility with a focus on professional services, allowing for extensive customization to meet specific business needs.


  • SuiteProjects + Project Accelerate: Deep integration within the NetSuite ecosystem, providing a seamless experience for users already using NetSuite ERP.
  • OpenAir: While it integrates well with NetSuite ERP, it also offers flexibility to integrate with other ERP systems, making it a versatile choice for diverse IT environments.


While NetSuite SuiteProjects combined with Project Accelerate provides a powerful and integrated solution for project management within the NetSuite ecosystem, OpenAir offers more specialized and advanced features tailored specifically for professional services firms. The choice between the two depends on the specific needs and existing systems of the organization:

  • For organizations already using or planning to use NetSuite ERP, the combination of SuiteProjects and Project Accelerate can offer robust project management capabilities with deep financial integration.
  • For professional services firms looking for advanced PSA features and flexibility to integrate with various ERP systems, OpenAir might be the better choice due to its specialized functionalities and adaptability.

Both options provide strong capabilities, but the best choice will depend on the specific requirements and existing infrastructure of the organization.

If you want to read more about the possibilities with Project Accelerate for NetSuite, you can do so here.

/Rikard Burman Holmgren

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