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SuiteCorner offers a variety of different solutions for NetSuite. Both ready-to-go industry solutions and stand-alone apps which gives new possibilities within the system. Below you will get an overview of our different solutions. If you want to know more, you can order datasheet and pricing free of charge under each solution.

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Netsuite by Oracle is considered one of the best true cloud ERP-solutions for all types of businesses and organizations. SuiteCorner, as a Netsuite Solution Provider, can help you as our client in choosing the relevant modules and work for a beneficial pricing for you as a customer.

Let us tell you more about “true cloud” and the world-leading software-as-a-service Netsuite by Oracle.

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NetSuite CRM Kanban Sales Pipeline

CRM Accelerate

The CRM processes of NetSuite is an area where many customers have put too little effort which has lead to a flawed system. SuiteCorner has a great solution for this, CRM Accelerate for NetSuite. With this app, we can help you be up and running with your CRM processes within a week. Book an unconditional meeting with us and we will show you how we can take your entire organization to the next level.

NetSuite CRM - CRM Accelerate
project accelerate boards for netsuite

Project Accelerate

SuiteCorner has developed several tools, project roles and solutions which takes project management in NetSuite to the next level. The complete set of tools and solutions are packaged into Project Accelerate. Everything is based on NetSuite’s standard module, SuiteProjects, which even in its standard functionality offers a wide variety of solutions to a sophisticated project management. With SuiteCorner’s Project Accelerate for NetSuite, you will widen your possibilities and system support, in an optimized and user-friendly manner.

NetSuite, SuiteProjects and Project Accelerate suits all businesses and organizations, small as large, who offers services in a project-oriented way.

Simply put – Best of breed!

Project Management - Project Accelerate

Event Success

Event Success Organizing and administering events and trainings offered to members and customers is an important part of many businesses. Through our solution, you can manage, project manage, market, sell, and invoice events and trainings directly in NetSuite. With this module, you will save a lot of time and money while also getting a better overview than if you were to run this in a separate system.

Book a meeting with us, and we will show you how you can use NetSuite for this part of your business.

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Event Management in NetSuite
NetSuite CRM - SuiteCorner CRM Accelerate

Staffing & Contractor Management

A number of different system solutions around staffing and contractor management are gathered in the solution. We know that different customers and industries have different needs. With NetSuite it is easy to configure the system with what is unique to you.

Keep track of your Job Assignments, Recruitments, Contracts, Candidates, Employees, Sub-consultants. Complete solutions with Time Reporting, Expense Reporting, Finance, Accounts Receivables, Accounts Payables and lots of Reports with focus on Staffing Agencies. The solution supports Self Billing which is very common for Staffing Agencies.

Staffing & Contractor Management

Subscription Management

With the industry solution Subscription Management for NetSuite by SuiteCorner, we make it possible for companies that work with subscriptions as part of their offering to manage their entire business in one system.

In addition to managing various subscription types such as rentals, leases, consumables, digital services, magazines, and customer clubs, to name a few categories, your company can manage all the underlying functionality such as Finance, Inventory, CRM, Projects, Reporting, and Integrations with NetSuite and Subscription Management by SuiteCorner. All this is available in the market-leading business system, “NetSuite, the #1 Cloud ERP System.”

Subscription Management

Membership Management

SuiteCorner has extensive experience of working with member organizations and we know the specific challenges that you face. We have through the years spent tens of thousands of hours together with our customers to find solid and robust solutions to these challenges. All the experience is now packaged in an industry solution which enables us to help your organization significantly faster than our competitors. Let us demonstrate this powerful solution for you.

Membership Management
Kanban board for NetSuite

Boards for NetSuite

Visualize your processes with Boards. With Boards for NetSuite we help you impose clear processes and give your coworkers better preconditions to be able to perform on the maximum level. With Boards for NetSuite, your sellers can handle more leads, create more opportunities and close more deals then they managed before. Project team members will be able to work agile and with clear backlogs. Furthermore, you will be able to set up new Boards relating to whichever process you want.

Do not hesitate to book a demonstration with us at SuiteCorner to see how Boards can help your organization.

Kanban Boars for NetSuite
Sales Rep Report in NetSuite

Reporter for NetSuite

How much time does your managers spend on reporting? Do they struggle to find and compile the relevant information and KPIs to be able to report to upper management? With Reporter for NetSuite your organization will save both time and money and at the same time receive better analyzes then you ever had before. Do not hesitate to book a demonstration with SuiteCorner so we can show you how Reporter can take your reporting to the next level.

Reports in NetSuite


SolarSuccess is a complete industry solution within NetSuite for companies that install solar. In 2020, 25% of the solar installed in the US was installed by business running on SolarSuccess. Oracle has acknowledge SolarSuccess as the “Solution of the Year” and the creator, Blu Banyan, as the “Micro-Vertical of the Year”.

SuiteCorner is partnering with Blu Banyan in many areas and several SuiteCorners apps are incorporated into SolarSuccess. Let’s discuss how this industry solution ca help your company.

Dun & Bradstreet Connects for NetSuite by SuiteCorner

Dun & Bradstreet Connects for NetSuite

With our connector Dun & Bradstreet for NetSuite you will be able to work more data driven than before. Data quality will increase substantially and you will have updated addresses throughout your system. Furthermore, your sales team will find new leads to work with ease. Do not hesitate to contact us for a demonstration.

Dun & Bradstreet Connects

SuiteCorner Add-Ons

In addition to our traditional apps and industry solutions SuiteCorner offers a range of add-on applications for Netsuite. These solutions often require a small project for configuring the solution to ensure optimal customer value. Below you will find some examples of successful customer implementations of a our add-on applications. Are you in need of a similar solution? Book a meeting with SuiteCorner!

Add-Ons for NetSuite

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