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Streamline your projects with Project Accelerate for Netsuite

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As you might have noted, we’ve rearranged our plan of blog posts a bit and decided to dive into our solution Project Accelerate for Netsuite in a series of posts before we visit our Event management that we mentioned in our last post.

Project Accelerate by SuiteCorner is a robust and innovative solution based on SuiteProjects in Netsuite and custom designed to optimize project management within NetSuite, offering a suite of features tailored to enhance project efficiency. This solution for project management is ideal for businesses of all sizes engaged in project-oriented services and will elevate your project management in NetSuite with this comprehensive suite of tools and solutions.

Project Overview

Project Accelerate simplifies project tracking with kanban boards. Users access the project information they need instantly on their home dashboard, thus streamlining project activity management. This board supports drag-and-drop updates, status changes, comments, and field modifications just as all our other kanban boards. This makes information directly visible and reduces digging around to find what you need.

Project Reporting

The suite includes a range of reports; Project report, Customer Projects, Total Project overview. All these are powered by our Reporter for NetSuite add-on. These reports offer detailed insights into project progress, customer project summaries, and overall project performance. Customizable with filters, they can be scheduled for automatic distribution, ensuring everyone stays informed.

Project Budget

Managing project budgets is made effortless. With a click, budget rows are auto-generated based on scheduled project activities. Baseline and EAC (Estimate at Completion) budget results are visualized in project reports, enabling better financial control.

Streamline billing processes

Project Accelerate optimizes processes including registration, approval, invoicing, and self-invoicing. Both consultants and employees can easily report their time and expenses using user-friendly web interfaces or a mobile app. Approvals can come from internal users or external clients. The system can also automate invoicing and self-invoicing, making it much easier and more efficient to handle these tasks in NetSuite with Project Accelerate.

Project Invoicing

Project Accelerate supports diverse billing methods, including billing-based projects, milestone billing, and charge-based billing. It facilitates automatic attachment of time reports, project journals, and relevant project data to invoices. This invoicing process fosters strong customer relationships through flexibility and reliability.

Integration with Office 365

The suite of tools in Project Accelerate offers seamless integration with Office 365, syncing emails between Outlook and NetSuite and facilitating two-way synchronization of project meetings. This is particularly valuable for project participants and sales representatives.

Implementing Project Accelerate involves installing it within your NetSuite environment and together with our experienced staff, and setting it up to match your organization’s unique project requirements. Whether you’re a small or large enterprise, this solution promises to enhance your project management capabilities.

For more information on Project Accelerate and how to best get it working in your organization. please get in touch with SuiteCorner’s sales representatives or request a demo below.

Next up, we are going to dive deeper into each part of Project Accelerate and how Suitecorner and Netsuite can support all of you who are working with projects in any way, shape or form.

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