Invoices and Shipping Documents for Inventory Items

Tips & Tricks – NetSuite standard

If you work with fulfillable items in NetSuite, did you know that you can easily configure the system to either include or exclude any items for that invoiced order that have not yet been fulfilled?

As Administrator, navigate to ” Setup > Accounting > Accounting Preferences > Order Management > Invoicing” and set the check box “Show Unfulfilled Items on Invoices” to either true or false depending on your preference.

By including unfulfilled item lines with for example, your customers can easily see directly on their first invoice what is yet to be sent to them. Do you want to keep the invoice simple and clean you can easily exclude them instead.

Similarly, you can let the customer know what has not yet been delivered from an order on the shipping documents you provide upon delivery.

As Administrator, navigate to  Setup > Accounting preferences > Order Management > Show additional items on packing slip

With this setting you make it easy for your customer to follow up on order as the packing slip shows which items are delivered within this shipment, but also which items are still to be shipped/ are backordered.

/Simon & Jacky

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