Streamline your staffing with NetSuite from Oracle

  • Work in clear processes from start to finish
  • Get better control of your profitability in the contract
  • Reduce the administration
  • Powerful CRM solutions included
  • Automated reporting internally and to customers
  • Smooth routines around time reporting and expenses
  • Invoicing with support for self-billing
  • ERP system with support for group accounting, projects, support etc.
  • Oracle NetSuite – world-leading ERP in a true cloud service

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What does staffing mean in NetSuite

A number of different system solutions around staffing and staffing agencies are gathered in the solution. We know that different customers and industries have different needs. With NetSuite it is easy to configure the system with what is unique to you.

The entire solution rests in the standardized ERP system called NetSuite from Oracle. NetSuite as a business system is ranked as the world leader by Gartner. The solution contains a complete financial system with support for group accounting, CRM, projects and a number of other modules. NetSuite is a true cloud service available in +20 different languages! If you have foreign staff, different users may have different languages in the system.

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Assignments, Contracts, Employees and Candidates

Assignments that you administer in NetSuite can be automatically published on your web if desired. Of course, you do not need to use this feature if you already have working solutions for this area.

Then manage the entire contract process when you have found the right resource for the assignment. With digital signing, you get a completely paperless existence. The contract with all the details and agreements is then the basis of the system throughout the delivery.

In a comprehensive employee database, you keep track of all employees, sub-consultants or candidates.

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Reporting & Forecasting

The Staffing Services module contains a number of different reports, graphs and KPIs that have been developed with a focus on industry needs. All standard reports can also be modified if there are specific requests. Below you will find examples of some selected reports.

Assignment/Project – Detailed report on an individual assignment or project. With different filters you can determine the level of detail in the report. For example, include Gantt directly in the report.

Customer – A summarized report of all ongoing assignments/projects with one and the same customer. This report is ideal for sending to the customer during the assignments to give the customer greater insight.

Total assignment overview – Provides a unique overview of how the assignments/projects are going at project manager level. The report looks both backwards and forwards and thus provides a forecast of what is upcoming.

Many standardized sales and financial reports are also available.

All assignments also create excellent forecasts, giving you full control over future revenues.

Assignment / Project budget

It has never before been as easy as it is now to manage budgets for assignments/projects. At the touch of a button, all budget lines are created automatically based on the assignment/project’s scheduled activities.

The result in the budget can be a “Baseline”. The budget can then be modified continuously until the assignment/project is completed. Measuring actual results against budget is included in several pre-configured reports.

Simplify your administration with efficient processes

From registration to approval (internal or external) to invoicing and self-billing.

Subcontractors or employees report time and expenses in modern and user-friendly interfaces on the web or in the mobile app. Time reports and expenses can be approved by internal users or by external users at the end customer if desired. Approved records are passed on to invoicing, which in turn can be the basis for self-invoices (automatically generated vendor bills) for sub-consultants who work from their own companies.

Minimal manual effort is needed to manage all these processes in NetSuite with the module Staffing Services by SuiteCorner!

Assignments & project invoicing

Whether the assignment is on T&M, monthly fees, milestones or other agreements around billing, the standard system has strong invoicing capabilities to offer. The module enables you to attach time reports or other relevant assignment documents to the invoice automatically. The included Invoice Workbench supports consolidated invoicing of multiple assignments/projects on the same customer.

Clear invoicing with the right documentation creates the conditions for a good relationship with customers!

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Integration with Office 365 or Gmail

Through partnerships with SuperSync, we can offer synchronization of e-mail between, for example, Outlook and NetSuite. Meetings can also be synchronized between the systems. All communication is saved on customers and contacts in NetSuite and you get a unique overall picture even if you are several people working with the same customer.

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NetSuite with the module Staffing Services for NetSuite by SuiteCorner can be implemented in a very short time. In an intensive project run together with the customer, we install and configure the solution to really fit each customer’s needs. We know that if we compare NetSuite with other similar ERP systems on the market, we complete the implementation project up to 5 times faster than our competitors. We have focused 100% on NetSuite for almost 20 years and we know that NetSuite can be implemented very quickly. We sometimes call our implementation methodology Project Accelerate!


Demo of NetSuite with the module Staffing Services can be obtained free of charge from us at SuiteCorner. We are happy to set up a meeting where we show and guide you through the various solutions. The system solution is suitable for both small and large companies and organizations. Many customers are between 20-500 users, but we have both smaller and even larger customers running NetSuite!

Next steps

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The Staffing Services solutions are in many cases depending on the Project functionalities in NetSuite. Below you can read some interesting blog posts and find out how some parts looks like in the solutions.