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Empower your business with SuiteCorner’s NetSuite webinar

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In the ever evolving landscape of business technology, staying ahead requires more than just keeping up—it demands proactive learning and a deep understanding of the tools that can elevate your business. Tools such as NetSuite. We’re excited to introduce SuiteCorner’s upcoming webinar series, designed to empower you with valuable insights into the world of NetSuite. From harnessing the potential of NetSuite as an ERP and platform to exploring NetSuite CRM. Our webinar series will equip you with practical knowledge to drive growth, streamline operations, and accelerate your business.

Join us for enlightening sessions and let’s embark on this journey to business excellence together!

Webinar series details
Hosted by: SuiteCorner NetSuite team
All webinars are free of charge

Accelerate the CRM in NetSuite

An insightful webinar hosted by Suitecorner, where we’ll explore the possibilities of NetSuite CRM and its potential to accelerate your customer relationships. We’ll dive deep into the realm of NetSuite CRM. Discover how this powerful customer relationship management tool can transform your interactions, streamline communication, and foster lasting connections with your customers. From lead nurturing to enhancing customer support, we’ll explore the comprehensive capabilities of NetSuite CRM.

Event date & registration:
Tuesday Sept 19, 4.00-5.00 pm (CET)
Tuesday Oct 3, 4.00-5.00 pm (CET)
Tuesday Oct 24, 4.00-5.00 pm (CET)
Tuesday Nov 7, 4.00-5.00 pm (CET)

These sessions are held in English.

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NetSuite as an ERP and platform

This webinar is about unlocking the potential of NetSuite as an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution and a comprehensive business platform. Learn how NetSuite can streamline your operations, provide real-time insights, and offer a holistic view of your business processes. We’ll guide you through the core features and benefits that NetSuite offers as an ERP and platform. Our team at SuiteCorner are Sweden’s most experienced NetSuite team and during this webinar you will learn about Netsuite as an ERP and platform and we will share our most valuable insights.

Event date & registration:
Thursday Sep 14, 09.00-09.45 am (CET)
Wednesday Sep 27, 09.00-09.45 am (CET)
Thursday Oct 5, 09.00-09.45 am (CET)
Thursday Oct 12, 09.00-09.45 am (CET)
Thursday Oct 19, 09.00-09.45 am (CET)

These sessions are held in Swedish.

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