Kanban within NetSuite

In which areas is it suitable to use Kanban within NetSuite?


Kanban is a visual method for managing workflows and processes that can be used in various areas of NetSuite to improve efficiency and visibility in work. Here are some specific areas where Kanban can be well-suited for use within NetSuite:

  1. Sales Processes:
    • Kanban can be effectively used to manage various sales processes, from lead generation to closing deals. It helps sales teams track the progress of each opportunity, prioritize tasks, and ensure timely follow-ups, improving the overall sales cycle.
  2. Project Management:
    • Kanban can be used to visualize and manage project tasks, deadlines, and resource allocation. By using Kanban boards, project teams can see what needs to be done, what is in progress, and what is completed, which improves communication and coordination.
  3. Order Management:
    • For companies handling a large volume of orders, Kanban helps visualize order status and ensures that no order is missed. It can also be used to track deliveries and manage inventory.
  4. Product Development:
    • Kanban is particularly useful for product development teams working on continuous delivery and improvements. It helps teams prioritize work, minimize bottlenecks, and ensure a balanced workload.
  5. Customer Support:
    • Customer support teams can use Kanban to manage incoming support tickets, follow up on ongoing issues, and ensure prompt resolution of customer problems. It provides a clear overview of the workload and helps keep track of response times.
  6. Financial Processes:
    • In financial administration, Kanban can be used to manage payments, billing, and other financial processes. It helps teams visualize the workflow and ensure that all steps in the process are followed correctly and on time.
  7. Manufacturing and Production Control:
    • Kanban is traditionally used in the manufacturing industry to manage production flows and inventory control. It can be integrated with NetSuite to optimize production schedules and material flows.
  8. HR and Recruitment:
    • HR teams can use Kanban to manage recruitment processes, from reviewing applications to scheduling interviews and making offers. It helps keep track of each candidate’s status and ensures a smooth recruitment process.

Boards for NetSuite by SuiteCorner (Kanban) is 100% built in NetSuite (natively) and exclusively for NetSuite. SuiteCorner helps customers and partners get started with basic solutions that can be deployed within just a few days. Boards for NetSuite can be easily customized to fit each customer’s unique requirements for fields, statuses, and functions, such as what should happen when a card is moved to a new column. These types of customizations can be quickly learned as they require no programming efforts. Everything in a Kanban board is controlled by a configuration record where you manage the appearance and behavior of the Kanban board.

Boards for NetSuite can be purchased as a standalone product but is also a natural part of all solution verticals that SuiteCorner delivers. For example, Boards for NetSuite is included in the CRM Accelerate or Project Accelerate packaging for NetSuite.

You can read more about all our solutions and download various types of product sheets on our website. If you want to get in touch with us, you can also book a demo at a time that suits you, free of charge. SuiteCorner has had a 100% focus on NetSuite since 2006 and has helped hundreds of customers elevate their NetSuite environments to new levels over the years.

By integrating the Kanban methodology into these areas within NetSuite, companies can improve transparency, efficiency, and overall workflow, leading to better results and more satisfied teams.

/Rikard Burman Holmgren CEO

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