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Kanban Boards for all processes in NetSuite

Did you know that Kanban Boards can be used almost everywhere in NetSuite to streamline work and provide a unique overview? Instead of listing your existing data using traditional saved searches, the same data can be displayed in a Kanban Board.

It becomes clearer where something is in the process as the information is automatically placed in different columns representing a status. Various key metrics in the header of each Kanban Board show the summaries of interest.

The information in each card represents a record in the table being displayed. Updating selected fields directly on the card works well, and a card can be moved with “drag-and-drop” between columns. Therefore, you don’t need to click edit, search for a field in a form to change it, and then press save. Instead, everything happens directly in the Kanban board. You also get a much better overview of all the information. As a user, work is also more enjoyable when working in this graphical interface.

projekthantering boards för NetSuite

When Kanban Boards for NetSuite by SuiteCorner is installed, there are several pre-configured Kanban boards within CRM, Projects, and Support. It’s very easy to modify what information is displayed in the pre-configured boards, but it’s also easy to configure a completely custom Kanban board on a custom record or any other table. No programming skills are required to modify or configure completely custom Kanban boards.

Here’s another example of a usage scenario for finance personnel:

Every month, there are numerous recurring finance tasks that need to be done around each month-end closing. The system automatically generates new tasks presented in a Kanban board for the finance team. The activities have statuses such as Not started, In progress, or Completed. Finance personnel move the cards to In Progress when the subtask starts. They then move the card to Completed when it’s done. Of course, a card can also be moved directly from Not Started to Completed. Relevant staff can keep track of all activities being carried out, and various managers can directly see if tasks have been started or completed.


Kanban Boards for NetSuite is available to all customers or partners worldwide. Wherever NetSuite exists, you can find add-ons from SuiteCorner.

You can read more about Kanban Boards for NetSuite by SuiteCorner here.

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