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NetSuite CRM

Why NetSuite CRM?

When you work with customers it’s very important to take care of the customer in all stages of the customer journey. You want the customer to experience a positive and professional relationship from the first encounter with our organization and onwards. This means that you need to have support systems available to your coworkers to handle all possible channels a customer can use, from advertisements to a search leading to the homepage. This support system must also be able to handle all steps the customer will pass through, from becoming a lead, to being processed by sales and marketing, and to customer support as an existing customer. This is where NetSuite CRM comes into play.

NetSuite CRM

Get your processes up and running fast with NetSuite CRM

As with all solutions provided by SuiteCorner, NetSuite CRM is part of NetSuites cloud-based solutions where you as a customer can rely on the fact that all different parts of a CRM system will work together without friction. NetSuite CRM provides preconfigured processes that help you get up and running fast based on known best practices. From prospecting, lead follow-up, and sales-driving actions as well as taking care of existing customers during their lifetime. Of course, these processes can and should be adjusted to how you work with your customers, and through SuiteCorner’s multi-year experience in NetSuite, you can be sure that you have all the help you need available when you need it.

NetSuite CRM

What is happening in the NetSuite CRM Pipeline?

To ensure that your coworkers involved in customer relations work have a full overview of all ongoing deals, directly seeing where a customer is in the pipeline is essential for a well-working sales process. NetSuite CRM provides amongst other things, a visual overview of opportunities, open and closed deals together with KPIs for deals, sales, orders, etc. With this type of overview in the Pipeline Board, NetSuite CRM enables you and your coworkers to have full control over what is happening in the process.

NetSuite CRM

Taking care of your customers in NetSuite CRM

Converting opportunities to leads and continuously working towards potential sales is extremely important but once a lead becomes a customer, they expect the right treatment going forward. Through NetSuite CRM all the tools are in place to help you keep track of all types of tasks you need to work with existing customers during their lifetime, from seeing when the next meeting or call is planned to other important to-dos and important customer information needed to do the best possible work. NetSuite CRM of course has these tools available and easily accessible.

Netsuite CRM

Keep your tools in one place with NetSuite CRM

Having all tools in one system greatly reduces the overhead, not only in maintenance compared to having multiple different tools where you have to ensure that an update for one tool plays well with all other tools. With NetSuite CRM from NetSuite’s Cloud platform, you are guaranteed that all tests are done way before the updates reach you and your daily work.
It also reduces the overhead and effort needed from your coworkers to learn different workflows with different tools. In NetSuite CRM you have a common design language that makes it easier to understand the different tools in the same system.

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