Event Management in NetSuite

Event Management for NetSuite

  • Administer events and courses within the best cloud ERP-system on the market
  • Optimize the customer journey, from application to certified participant
  • Project management fully integrated within the solution
  • Automated billing processes which save both time and money
  • Budgeting and reporting

Interested in Event Management?

Interested in Event Management in NetSuite?
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Administer events and courses

Event Manager makes it easy to create new events and courses and gives you a total overview over your event- and courses catalogue. Manage all the resources of the event such as lecturer and speakers and add premises and tie it all together in a single scheme. Communicate with your participants and resources through an integrated process which makes sure that the correct information reaches the participants on time.

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An extraordinary customer journey

We help you to create the optimal customer journey from A to Z. From the first marketing activity, to how the customer sends in their application. All communication is connected to the specific customer which makes her feel seen and well taken care of. After the event, the solution of course also manages the reporting and follow-up, so that you continuously can make improvements. We help you in every step so that you can focus on delivering the best possible event and get the happiest customers on the market.

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Fully integrated project management

With NetSuite Advance Project you will receive access to a module which will satisfy even the pickiest project manager. You will be in full control over your events and courses and never miss a deadline. Is the venue booked, catering ordered or a specific lecturer set? Your project managers will have a total overview and can minimize time spent on administrating and focus more on the actual event.

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Simple and flexible billing

With Event Management you will be able in a very flexible way to bill your events. Bill prior to the event, bill when the application is received or when an applicant is accepted. Or split the billing in several parts for expensive or extensive courses. Accounts Receivable is an integrated part of the system and there is no extra cost to handle the billing of events and courses in NetSuite. Save both time and money and get control over your routine directly within Netsuite.

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Budgeting and follow-up

With Event Manager, you will have the possibility to create a budget for every event. Calculate prior to the event its profitability based on different participant scenarios. Follow the profitability of the event in real time based on actual revenue and costs, all within the business processes of NetSuite.

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Event and training handled in NetSuite

To organize and administer events and courses which are offered to members and customers is a crucial part of many businesses. Through our solution you can set up, manage, market, sell and bill directly within NetSuite, which will save you both time and money and give you a better overview.

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  • Accounts Receivable and Payable
  • Automated billing through E-invoice, e-mail and postal
  • Flexible summary billing
  • Support for group consolidating
  • Follow-up and reporting
Event Management for NetSuite

Event- and course management

  • Creating and managing events and courses
  • From application to certification
  • Budgeting
  • Follow-up and reporting
Verticals and SuiteApps for NetSuite


  • Customer journey
  • Support
Project NetSuite Event Manager


  • Activities
  • Resource planning
  • Time reporting
  • Re-invoicing
  • Reporting

Want to know more?

With Event Manager, we help your organization to optimize how they work with events and courses directly within NetSuite. We would very much enjoy an unconditional meeting with you to answer any questions.