Why do some companies use external CRM solutions when they have NetSuite?

If you have NetSuite, there’s really no need for any other CRM system!

Why run CRM in NetSuite

Oracle NetSuite, as a standard ERP and CRM system, indeed provides all the basic functionality required by a modern business system in a true cloud service. It includes extensive functionality on customers, suppliers, contacts, and partners. Sophisticated solutions for lead and prospect management with features for opportunities, quoting, order management, email, activities, meetings, and of course, invoicing, as everything is integrated with the financial system. Built-in marketing capabilities with support for mass emails and tracking of engagement metrics are also available in NetSuite’s standard offerings provided by Oracle.

So why do some customers still use external CRM solutions such as SalesForce or Pipedrive alongside NetSuite as their financial system?

At SuiteCorner, having assisted hundreds of customers over the years, we’ve heard all the arguments for why customers choose to maintain an external CRM solution. The reasons can vary widely! Some organizations may not realize that they can handle all CRM processes within NetSuite. Some customers argue that the CRM features in NetSuite are not as robust as those in other CRM systems, and within sales organizations, there may be strong voices, who previously worked with another CRM system, pushing for their preferred solution. Some organizations already have an established CRM system in place and see no need to switch CRM platforms just because they’re adopting NetSuite for their financials. They may opt to integrate the solutions instead. While there are many integration solutions available that can connect external CRM systems with NetSuite, if possible, it’s best to avoid integrations altogether.

  • Having multiple systems incurs costs
  • It drives expenses with duplicate user licenses
  • Integrating the solutions entails significant costs
  • Maintaining the integration requires ongoing investment
  • You miss out on several important features of the external CRM solution as not everything integrates between systems.

Using CRM within NetSuite ensures that all users have access to comprehensive information about customers, as everything is housed in ONE SYSTEM.

It didn’t take long for us at SuiteCorner to realize that the reason many customers wanted to use CRM outside of NetSuite was that users found CRM processes in NetSuite unclear. There was too much functionality that detracted from what was important for the sales team. We realized that there was simply a lot of room for improvement in the basic setup of CRM processes. To address this, we developed a unique CRM packaging called CRM Accelerate for NetSuite by SuiteCorner several years ago, which we use in all our customer projects today and also to help partners and customers around the world get started quickly and easily with CRM in NetSuite.

What is CRM Accelerate for NetSuite by SuiteCorner?

SuiteCorner, a NetSuite partner since 2006, has developed a CRM packaging that elevates standard CRM processes to entirely new levels! Levels that have led many customers to leave SalesForce, Pipedrive, and other external CRM solutions.

The package includes various tools that create the right conditions for the sales organization. We have focused primarily on creating a clear process for Prospecting, Lead Nurturing, driving sales through a Pipeline, managing Delivery and Support of what has been sold, taking care of existing customers, and keeping track of all meetings, phone calls, and other tasks that fall on a salesperson.

In addition to creating a clear process, we have also made these flows visual with Boards for NetSuite and Reporter for NetSuite.

Boards for NetSuite by SuiteCorner.

With Boards for NetSuite, a graphical interface is offered through so-called kanban boards. By visualizing the information in NetSuite on the graphical board, a completely unique overview and efficient way of working are created. Boards for NetSuite drive sales faster and more efficiently. The package includes several pre-configured Boards boards on Leads/Prospects/Customers or a Pipeline board that can visualize opportunities, quotes, and orders in the same view. Seeing an individual Pipeline for a salesperson or the entire organization is something many customers have requested over the years. The package also includes Boards boards for Phone calls, CRM Tasks, Support Cases, or Project and Project Tasks.

With Boards for NetSuite, a user in the system is no longer confined to various traditional lists, which can often be difficult to navigate. As a product, Boards for NetSuite is comprehensive, and if you are interested in learning more about Boards, you can do so below.

You can find more information about the Boards for NetSuite app included in CRM Accelerate for NetSuite here.

Reporter for NetSuite by SuiteCorner.

SuiteCorner has developed a highly sophisticated reporting engine that is included in CRM Accelerate for NetSuite. With the Reporter for NetSuite app, we can utilize an unlimited number of data sources in your NetSuite environment and consolidate the information into clear reports that can also include a variety of graphical charts or key metrics. Virtually all information available in NetSuite can be presented in the same report if desired! Reports can also be presented directly on the user’s dashboard, run on selected records, emailed via WorkFlows, and there is also the possibility of drilling down to underlying records in the system.

Within CRM, there are several highly appreciated pre-configured reports! Below you can see the Sales Rep report directly on the user’s dashboard. The report gathers all relevant information about a salesperson. Their sales, forecasts/pipeline, key customers, number of phone calls, meetings, etc. All in ONE report. Having all this information gathered in this way for salespeople or sales managers is highly appreciated!

Here you can read more information about the Reporter for NetSuite app included in CRM Accelerate for NetSuite.

Budget for NetSuite by SuiteCorner.

With the Budget for NetSuite app, which is also included in the CRM Accelerate for NetSuite package, you have the opportunity to set up budgets for various parts of NetSuite. In sales organizations, it’s common to want to budget things like the number of phone calls or meetings a salesperson should conduct per day, week, or month. Or why not budget the number of new leads/prospects or opportunities that a salesperson or sales manager should achieve? With the Budget for NetSuite app by SuiteCorner, this is possible! Budget figures can then be compared against actual figures in the reports generated with Reporter for NetSuite!

Dun & Bradstreet Connect for NetSuite by SuiteCorner.

Keep your customers’ names, addresses, and industry codes automatically updated or use the search functions against Dun & Bradstreet’s unique database when setting up new leads, prospects, or customers. A prospecting function also allows you to download all interesting companies within a certain industry, region, or country.

Roles and dashboards

To provide sales organizations with optimal interfaces, SuiteCorner has secured a number of different roles and dashboards included in the CRM Accelerate for NetSuite package. Salespeople, sales managers, or marketing personnel shouldn’t have to search for relevant information in the system. We’ve optimized menus and dashboards to follow efficient CRM workflows.


Implementing CRM Accelerate for NetSuite takes anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks, depending on the size of the organization and how many people are involved in various CRM processes. Most systems are up and running in production within 40 hours! Do you also want to streamline your sales organization within a week?

Contact someone in our management team at SuiteCorner, and we’ll tell you more about how CRM Accelerate for NetSuite can streamline your sales organization!


With CRM Accelerate for NetSuite, you get the CRM tools you need to truly streamline your sales organization. No one can argue that there’s a lack of interfaces or features – everything is available within NetSuite. ERP and CRM are integrated into one system, eliminating the need for complex and expensive integration solutions and saving you money by reducing the number of systems. Having customers, suppliers, contacts, partners, opportunities, quotes, orders, pipelines, and more all in one system alongside your financials is something we believe should be standard for anyone using NetSuite as their business system. Other CRM solutions simply aren’t necessary!

I want to emphasize that no system alone creates sales. It’s always the people behind the system who create opportunities. The system itself is just a support tool meant to facilitate business. There are numerous “sales schools” teaching different methods for managing sales organizations and maximizing individual and group performance. With our extensive experience at SuiteCorner, we’ve seen which methods work best.

Setting simple, measurable goals that are easily visualized for salespeople and sales managers is a good starting point. Getting all individuals within a sales group to work in a similar manner is also beneficial, although it’s not always easy as many “star salespeople” have their own preferred methods. A unified approach within CRM processes often creates a better overview and cohesion for the company. SuiteCorner can also assist with management issues if needed. Coaching the sales organization to optimal work methods is an important part of everything related to CRM.

Contact us at SuiteCorner, and we’ll tell you more about CRM Accelerate for NetSuite or how we can help coach your sales organization to better work processes.

Best regards,

Rikard Burman Holmgren, CEO

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