Chrome Extension NetSuite

Useful Chrome extensions for NetSuite

If you are a functional consultant or developer working on a daily basis with NetSuite and you are using Chrome as your preferred browser – Make sure to try out some of the Chrome extensions developed specifically for NetSuite. Some of them are real time-savers and make the work much easier and efficient. Thanks to the developers that has developed the below  great extensions.

NetSuite Field Explorer – An easy way to get all the field IDs and values from the current record, even the fields that are hidden.

NetSuite: Show Field IDs – Place the cursor on any field label and you will get the field ID. Press shift and click on the field and the id will automatically be copied.

NetSuite: Search Export – Perfect for developers working with SuiteScript. Create your search in the user interface, validate the criteria and results, and then export / copy the entire search and paste it in your script file. There is also a similar extension available for workbooks called NetSuite: Workbook Export.

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