The SuiteCorner-app Reporter makes it easier to work with Advanced PDF/HTML templates

The process of working with advanced PDF/HTML templates in NetSuite is sometimes complicated and tedious. Especially the process of continuously wanting to preview changes made to the code. The SuiteCorner-app Reporter makes this work both easier and efficient. If you are making larger changes to your templates with different elements and information changing places in the layout you would definitely benefit from using this tool.

To get started on your template you just need to do a couple of steps:

  1. Start by creating a new Reporter Layout Builder using a blank template.
  2. Open up the source code for the advanced PDF/HTML template that you want to update and copy the entire source code.
  3. Paste the code in the Template tab in the Reporter editor and save.
  4. If you want test the code with actual NetSuite data, you can also add a Reporter Dataset with the type Record.
  5. If you are reworking a Purchase Order template for example you should select that record type on the dataset. Make also sure to name the dataset record.

Now simply select one of the listed records or transactions in the Base Record and start working with the code. Whenever you feel like it, simply press the Preview button. You do not need to save any of your changes before every preview and you can also as easily swap between different records or transactions if you want to test the code with different records.

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