Reporter helps accelerate Project Accelerate in NetSuite

Our Project Accelerate vertical is a great example of how you can integrate Reporter into your daily business and operations. During the last couple of months we have created project-based Reporter layout templates that cover much of the needs for reporting and insights when working with projects in NetSuite.

The Project scorecard can be viewed directly from the project record or from your dashboard. Select the project and get a quick summary of the project revenue, budget vs actuals, reported time per month, related customer- and vendor transactions and a full project task overview in both table- and gantt-form.

Total Project Overview on the other hand provides you with a full summary of all your ongoing projects, either as a project manager or as a company. Run the report directly from your dashboard and get valuable insights about actual and forecasted time and revenue as well as a detailed summary of each individual project including dates, hours, budget and more.

As a project team member, My Task list provides you daily with your to-dos sorted by due date and priority. If you are involved in several projects, this report will give you a complete list in one place.

More reports to come!

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