Reporter for NetSuite – Contest

Reporter for NetSuite by SuiteCorner – Contest

Further down in this post, a fun contest element is presented.

Regardless of which business system (ERP) is used, it’s not uncommon to face challenges regarding print documents and reports. The same applies to NetSuite. The standard system, NetSuite, offers a vast array of fantastic standard reports and print documents covering most areas, typically meeting 80-90% of most people’s needs. To easily meet everyone’s needs, we at SuiteCorner developed Reporter for NetSuite as an add-on to NetSuite. Reporter for NetSuite works similarly to the standard system’s Advanced PDF, but with the significant difference that we can use any number of data sources when building up the print document or report. The reporter editor includes a multitude of features that truly facilitate the creation and publication of your reports and layouts. Many times, we also incorporate drill-down functionality. Even though it’s a PDF document we’re creating, clickable links to underlying data are available! Reports and print documents can also be published on any dashboard within NetSuite, ordered via a button on any record, or scheduled to be sent or conveniently triggered via a workflow.

Reporter for NetSuite is 100% built for NetSuite and runs 100% within NetSuite!

Below is an example of Company Financials published directly on the user’s dashboard.

The report utilizes multiple data sources, offering key performance indicators, profit and loss, balance sheet, analysis of accounts receivable (AR), accounts payable (AP), and a deep dive into accounting dimensions such as Department, Class, and Location. All within the same report! The reports can also be run in different languages if desired.

Filter Section

With the filter section at the top, it’s easy to add the desired filters and generate the report with updated data instantly. You can also input your own comments, which are included in the report.

Areas of Use

The applications of Reporter for NetSuite are unlimited! If data exists in your NetSuite account, there’s almost always a possibility to include that information in a report or a print document. Reporter for NetSuite can also be used to generate print documents for quotes, order confirmations, invoices, and other transaction documents. It’s particularly useful if you have specific requirements and parts of the content need to be sourced from other data sources than just the transaction.

Standard Templates in Reporter for NetSuite

Reporter for NetSuite comes with a set of standard templates in CRM, Projects, and Finance. These templates are ready-made reports against the standard system. The templates can be easily modified and used as a starting point if you have different content requirements. Of course, it’s just as easy to build entirely new reports and print documents from scratch.

Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

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SuiteCorner continuously works on adding new templates to Reporter for NetSuite. Reports and print documents that many customers find useful are included as templates in Reporter for NetSuite.

You as a customer or partner of NetSuite surely have ideas about what you would like to see as a standard report. Therefore, SuiteCorner announces a contest to gather ideas for new standard reports in Reporter for NetSuite. You provide us with an idea and a “mockup” in Word or PowerPoint where you explain what the report should contain, where the data is stored (which tables), and how you want the report to be filterable.

Contributions to the contest should be sent to no later than May 31, 2024. Mark the email with Contest Reporter for NetSuite.

The Winner

SuiteCorner will then select the best idea. The winner will be announced no later than June 15, 2024.

As a prize, SuiteCorner offers a free license for Reporter for NetSuite and we will develop the report and assist in implementing it free of charge in your NetSuite account. SuiteCorner reserves the right to introduce the report as a template in Reporter for NetSuite and to use it as an example and reference in our marketing.

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