Recording from the NetSuite CRM webinar of the spring

Now I have held the last CRM webinar of the spring. For those of you who didn’t have the chance to participate or for those of you who want to show a colleague, we are now releasing a recording of the webinar.

During these webinars, I have talked about CRM in NetSuite and how we at SuiteCorner can help all companies that have NetSuite to achieve really good CRM processes in NetSuite.

During the webinar, we go through prospecting and lead management, qualification of deals, and pipeline management. How do we handle signed deals, support cases, and ensure that existing customers buy more and are not forgotten? Additionally, we explore the marketing module and create a collaborative environment between the marketing department and the rest of the organization.

I know that there are many companies out there that have overlooked the CRM aspect during NetSuite implementation. You have probably received outstanding support for other business processes but neglected to provide the sales department with the tools they need to drive new business forward. Many companies are stuck with a CRM system outside of NetSuite and lack a consolidated view of their workflows and ongoing business opportunities.

Take the opportunity to watch this webinar that shows the support we can offer to get you started within a week. Take advantage of all the benefits it brings and save money by consolidating everything in NetSuite, as well as earning more money by closing more deals.

Watch the entire webinar on our YouTube channel >>

Enjoy watching, Daniel



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