NetSuite activities Tab

Hide or Customize the Activities Tab in NetSuite

It happens quite often that our customers wants to Hide the Activities tab from the main menu or  enter there own content in the Activities tab.

Both cases can be handled by creating a copy of the Activity tab and link the copy to the center on which the role is based. You can then choose to customize the tab or hide it for the role.

NetSuite Setup

Step 1 : Create a Custom Activity

Log in as Administrator
Navigate: Activities

Hide Activities tab in NetSuite

Click on Set up Custom Tab

NetSuite Activities tab

Save without changing anything

NetSuite Activities Tab

Note that Activities have been saved as a Classic Center.
Click Edit

NetSuite Activities Tab

Switch to the Center that the role (whose dashboard you are customizing) is linked to.

Step 2 : Update the Center tab

Navigate: Customizations 🡪 Center and Tabs 🡪 Centers
Select the current Center

NetSuite Activities Tab

Click on Activities and then open up in Edit mode

NetSuite Activities Tab

Unmark all roles and Save

Change Role and check that the tab is gone.

NetSuite Activities Tab


Good luck
/Daniel Remming

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