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Handling Marketing tasks using Kanban Boards for Netsuite and how they work in CRM Accelerate for Netsuite

Hi, glad you are still with us while we walk through all our different kanban board solutions in Netsuite. Last time we took a look at the kanban boards supporting phone call and task scheduling, plus the boards available for support agents.
Today it’s time to look into the kanban board that supports Marketing tasks.

So, how about Marketing needs? Of course you want your sales staff to be aware of all the different marketing efforts that are ongoing, that’s a given. In addition to this, you probably also want the ones with the ear closest to the customers to be able to suggest marketing tasks that might trigger more sales, right?

As marketing plans a campaign it becomes visible in for example, a section of the sales team’s leads view, from here you can click into details of the campaign etc to get the info you need. That takes care of spreading the word so to say.

So how about feedback to marketing, campaign ideas, requests etc?

Enter our Marketing Request Kanban board

This kanban board is custom built by us at SuiteCorner in Netsuite, and the goal is to provide a simple, easy to handle and effective way to add and track requests from the rest of the organization to the marketing department. Examples can be to request help with campaigns, product sheets, new mail-templates etc, basically anything that the Marketing department normally would be in charge of. Basically, we want to help organizations get rid of the less than optimal way of working where often the loudest one gets help first, and no one really knows all the things the organization really needs.

The board is setup with four columns:

  • Request – Incoming requests from the organization
  • Pending Decision – Requests under discussion, but not yet approved
  • Accepted – Requests that are accepted and ready to be acted on.
  • Denied – Requests deemed not to be acted on

Each task card in the board has Title, description, planned date, status, contact etc.

marketing request board netsuite

You can move cards freely between the different columns, and of course search for cards which is very useful once there is a lot of content in the kanban board. The organization can add a request to the marketing board via a form available in the left column of CRM Accelerate for Netsuite.
You add a title, description, marketing group, a date you need it and who is requesting it.
As you submit it the request will be added to the “Request” column of the Marketing Request Board. Quite a simple way of bringing order to various marketing requests and their status.

So in this post we have covered one more of the boards that help you to manage your daily work in Netsuite, namely a way for marketing to bring order in chaos. Of course you can use this Kanban board for Netsuite as part of our CRM Accelerate for Netsuite solution.

In the next post we will take a look at the tools that support all our boards, for example the reports that always need to be created and passed on in the organization in a timely fashion. In addition to that we will also take a quick look at what you do if you need to create a custom board for a specific purpose.

Please contact us for more info, or book a demo.

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