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CRM Accelerate for Netsuite – A summary of features and benefits

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Now that we have looked closer on all the main tools and roles we have bundled in CRM Accelerate for NetSuite, we will summarize what we’ve learned so far, and take a closer look at the benefits this brings to you, your company, and your users,

So as you have read in the earlier posts in the series, in CRM Accelerate we have set up a collection of roles where each role gives access to a preconfigured, and customizable set of functions and features for that specific role.

So the CRM Accelerate solution covers specific roles for Sales manager and Sales representatives, Marketing and support. All roles have access to different KPIs specific for the role, access to todo lists, reminders, lead import tools and more, Each role has their specific dashboards where the users work with, and follow their tasks, be in sales contacts, marketing tasks or support tickets. For managers there are various reports and statistics available.

While the default setup of CRM Accelerate for NetSuite is a very good start to get things up and rolling with NetSuite, we all know that no two organizations work the same, or have the same needs. That’s why we have ensured that the flexibility of the solution allows you to configure the various tools to best suit the processes, flows, staffing etc in your organization.

That said, regardless of the way you configure CRM Accelerate to suit your needs, the principles for how the information is organized, displayed and how the user interacts with it, is very similar from role to role which makes it easy to move from view to view in NetSuite. This is also true for other solutions for NetSuite that we provide here.

This means that when your organization use Netsuite as a platform and add CRM Accelerate for NetSuite, you are not only adding a proven and flexible set of tools to your organization, you are also joining the family of SuiteCorners different solutions for NetSuite, where all of them provide the same logical approach when it comes to providing a specialized solution to help you optimize the workflow in various areas like members- and event management, reporting tools and boards, subscription management and more. There is also a library of add-ons suitable for financial work like billing, budgeting etc, all with the same principles behind how they work.

All of these use the same role management and provide similar principles for layouts, process flows, and way of working, which makes it a lot easier for your users to work across our tools in NetSuite, thus requiring a lot less training and maintenance compared to using several different tools from different providers.

Also, note that since all of our provided solutions for NetSuite are cloud based, your tech department does not need to spend time on upgrading servers and clients to keep the systems healthy and available. All of this is provided centrally for you, so what you use is always the latest version, tested and available where you are, regardless if it’s in the office or working on the beach 🙂

This post completes the short series on the CRM Accelerate solution for Netsuite from SuiteCorner. In the near future we plan to do more similar short series on other solutions and tools we provide for NetSuite.

If you want to contact us for more info, or to book a demo you can do it here.

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