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Compete and win Kanban Boards for NetSuite!

Win a free license + installation

In conjunction with release 2024.1, SuiteCorner will be releasing a new version of Boards for NetSuite, and we want to celebrate with a small competition where you have the chance to win a free license for the entire company + installation of the competition entry in any environment of your choice.

Boards for NetSuite currently includes 7 pre-configured Kanban boards for both CRM and Projects. However, we know that there are many more requests for various Kanban boards out there, and we want to know what these requests are. We simply want to expand our offering so that Boards for NetSuite becomes even more comprehensive and even more useful.

How does the competition work?

You write down:

  • The name of the desired Kanban board
  • Which record the Kanban board should be applied to
  • Which columns the board should contain
  • Which fields you want to be displayed for each card in the board
  • Which fields should always be visible and which fields should be visible when the card is maximized
  • Which fields should be editable directly in the Kanban board
  • Which menu options you want linked to each card in the board
  • Which summaries you want for each column
  • Which KPIs you want for the Kanban board
  • Write a brief description of the use case and why it would be good to have a Kanban board for this flow

Send your entry to with the title ‘Competition Entry Boards for NetSuite’.

The competition is open until May 31st, and the winning entry will be announced a week later.


Below, we show the 7 pre-configured Boards that we already provide to give you some inspiration as you develop your own entry.

Lead Board

Kanban Lead Board for NetSuite

Pipeline Board

Kanban Pipeline Board for NetSuite
Support Board

Kanban Support Board for NetSuite
Phone Call Board

Kanban Phone Call Board for NetSuite
Task Board

Kanban Task Board for NetSuite

Project Board

Project Task Board


We look forward to your entry

Best regards,
The Boards Team at SuiteCorner

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